As part of the Citywide Survey Update, the City of Santa Monica Planning and Community Development Department needs your help! 

We are particularly interested in the lesser-known places that might have shaped your community. These places may be important for a broad range of reasons, including architecture or landscape design; association with an important person; social, cultural and/or ethnic heritage; residential development, commerce, or industry.

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The Citywide Survey Update will consider all properties dating from 1977 or earlier. All information received from the community will be considered by the project team, and potential resources will be reviewed using professional standards for evaluation.

How should I decide what to identify?
In considering which resources to identify, think about the following questions:

  • What are the neighborhoods, commercial areas, and landscapes that have distinctive architectural or cultural characteristics, or reflect important aspects of social history or planning and development? What qualities of these places make them important?
  • What sites or buildings have been gathering places or focal points of your community over the years?
  • Which buildings and districts may have been associated with important architects, builders, designers, developers, or engineers whose work helped define the character of your area?
  • Which resources shaped social movements or the cultural evolution of your community?
  • Which resources are associated with important people in Santa Monica history?

Banner photo: Casa Del Mar Club, c. 1926
Source: Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection