Fieldwork Finds - August 4

Today, the team noticed several buildings, including an Art Deco office building, an example of courtyard apartments in NOMA, a Streamline Moderne Demonstration House (1937) in Pico, the Spanish Colonial Revival H.M. Ehrlich House (1926), the Pueblo Revival Mrs. L.K. Worrell house (1923, Robert Stacy-Judd), a Minimal Traditional neighborhood, Rae's Restaurant, a Tudor Revival bungalow court (c. 1921), and a large Tudor Revival single-family residence.

Rae's Restaurant: Rae's Restaurant (1952, A.L. Collins) in Pico caught the team's attention. Santa Monica’s large working class population after World War II made it a popular location for coffee shops. As a result, the city was home to several prominent examples of Googie-style coffee shops