Fieldwork Finds - August 2

Several buildings have caught the field team's attention today, including a beautiful Art Deco residence, an excellent Streamline Moderne building, Frank Gehry's house, the Tinder Box, and the AIA-award-winning Suntech Townhouses!

The Gehry House: Between 1978 and 1991, Gehry designed an ever-evolving addition to the Dutch Colonial Revival home originally on the property (built 1920). The addition makes use of unconventional materials, such as chain-link fencing and corrugated steel.

The Tinder Box: The Tinder Box (established 1928) caught the field team's attention. This is the original Tinder Box store, also known as Ed's Pipe Shop. It is one of many low-scale commercial buildings from the early 20th century lining Wilshire Boulevard.